2018 Langham Partnership Golf Marathon

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100 HOLES that can help bring HOPE IN CHRIST to our brothers and sisters ACROSS Africa!


The church in Africa needs grounding in God’s Word!


Our brothers and sisters in Christ across Africa wrestle with tough issues like domestic violence,

civil unrest and persecution. They are challenged with sex trafficking, HIV and AIDS, how to care

for orphans and widows and gender inequality. Compounding the struggle is that 8 in 10 of their

pastors and leaders lack even basic training on how to study, understand, and apply God’s

Word to these hard issues. To think that Christian pastors face problems like this with no

biblical training is a staggering reality. It leaves congregations vulnerable to false teaching, like

the prosperity gospel, and ill-equipped to be salt and light in their communities.


Every swing multiplying biblical leaders for Africa!


Every swing in the Tee Up For Africa golf tournament supports Langham Partnership’s work across Africa to reverse this trend. Your 100 holes of golf is a commitment to partner in our work to:


- Train pastors and lay leaders to study and teach God’s Word in their communities


- Deliver biblical books and resources that open God’s Word into the hands of pastors

and Bible students, where books in the right language and context are scarce


- Advance theological training for emerging leaders who multiply other leaders by

teaching in seminaries, starting new ministries, and advising governments.


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